Yellowwoods Prep School

Term Dates 2022

Term 1 – Wednesday 12 January (school opens)

to Friday 8 April (school closes)

Half-term – Thursday 24 February (school closes)

to Tuesday 1 March (school opens)

 Please click on this link to view our updated 1st Term Calendar

(last two weeks of the 1st Term)


Term 2 – Wednesday 4 May (school opens)

 to Friday 5 August (school closes)

Half-term – Friday 24 June (school closes)

to Monday 4 July (school opens)

Please click on this link to view our 2nd Term Calendar


 Term 3 – Tuesday 30 August (school opens)

 to Friday 2 December (school closes)

Half-term – Wednesday 5 October (school closes)

to Tuesday 11 October (school opens)


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