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Grade 7

Welcome to Grade 7, girls and boys - and a special welcome to Simamkele, our new pupil!

We are already talking about preparation for High School and our students will endeavour to be enrolled at the best schools of their choice for grade 8 and beyond.

I am already impressed by the solid work ethic all the pupils show. At Yellowwoods, we encourage our parents to be there for their children, support their progress and feel welcome to call us any time if you would like to discuss your child progress.

English and Maths will be demanding this year with plenty of opportunities to read wonderful stories and improve our vocabulary and general knowledge.

Poetry is the focus for English in the first term, so parents, look out for some creative work in your children’s books and perhaps read a poem or two to your child-the funnier the better!

The Grade 7’s will also have leadership challenges this year and it looks like they will take their responsibilities very seriously – this at the same time will help them to grow in confidence and learn to believe in themselves.


Our theme for the whole school this year is to CARE:

Care for others, take care of yourself and show that you care about the things that are valuable and important in life.

         CARE  ----CARE---- CARE -------CARE ------- CARE -----CARE


I feel privileged to be teaching this lovely group of children and look forward to a happy and fulfilling year.

So, Grade 7’s, be great and remember the dream starts today!

 Take C A R E  and have a super year!

                                                  From Your teacher- Mrs Grobler


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