Mission Statement

  • Provide children with quality education based on Christian Principles.
  • Develop personal growth through positive expectation.
  • Recognize each person as an individual whose integrity is respected and whose self worth is promoted.
  • Establish a spirit of loyalty and pride in our school.
  • Encourage creativity, innovation and excellence.
  • Promote leadership, initiative and responsibility in a caring environment.
  • Measure success in terms of confident and happy pupils and staff equipped to face reality.
  • Maintain close and happy relationships between pupils, teachers and parents.


Yellowwoods School aims to provide a broad, holistic education in a relaxed and caring environment.Each pupil is encouraged to develop positive self-esteem and respect for others. 

The school believes in giving pupils a wide range of educational experiences to ensure a balanced development of the spiritual, academic, emotional, social and physical domains.

Educational principles

  • Education is a process and we will continuously strive to improve the contributory factors.
  • We will encourage the children to take responsibility for their own learning, moving from dependence to independence and ultimately to interdependence.
  • We will foster in our pupils spiritual, moral and personal values.
  • We will provide an education that meets the academic, cultural, sensory, physical and emotional needs of the individual.
  • We will foster self-image and develop a concern for and caring attitude towards others.
  • We will encourage open and respectful communication between parents, teachers and pupils.
  • We will educate our children according to appropriate academic syllabus using methods that develop lateral thinking, creativity and communication skills.
  • We will teach through development of skills in order to prepare children for life.
  • We will help children overcome problems by encouraging them through positive involvement.
  • We will strive to teach children that mistakes are part of the creative learning process and are acceptable as long as they are used as a learning opportunity toward improvement.
  • Our pupils will be encouraged to work independently and co-operatively rather than competitively.
  • We will encourage parents to take an active interest in their child’s intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Our caring family atmosphere promotes happy, well-adjusted and well-grounded children.

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