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24th October 2018

Just before the mid-term break the children had an amazing day of team building.  There were some challenging obstacles which encouraged the children to work as a team.  The Crocodile bridge and mud pit were the two favourites, allowing the children to overcome their fear of climbing over water and getting dirty in the mud.  It was wonderful to see each team working well during the treasure hunt to find all the obscure objects.  Teams were then given a piece of paper and had to make paper chains without any instructions or directions from the teachers- they were challenged to figure out how they could create a longer chain than the other teams.  The children managed extremely well and made some really long paper chains.  This is definitely an event we will continue doing with the children to help them improve their team building skills, show compassion towards their peers and generally get to bond with all the children. Well done to all the brave children.



















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