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15th March 2016

Junior Primary SciFest Outing

The Guy Butler auditorium was packed to capacity with about 900 learners and teachers. There was much excitement and anticipation, as we all waited for the show to begin.  A scientist, who specialises in designing and building lasers, gave a brief interesting talk and then the breath-taking show began.

 After the laser show and snack time, we had a chance to walk around the Monument to experience various presentations, with interesting things to hear, see and touch.  For example a display and talk on dolphins.

The Grade Three’s stayed at the Monument for their Explosive Show while the Grade One’s and Two’s went to the StarLab at the City Hall. 

Dr Graham’s ‘Blow up Science’ had the Grade 3’s on the edge of their seats.  Dr Graham showed the children some amazing ways to set household substances alight.  We watched him set corn flour alight and send teddy bears flying high into the air using liquid nitrogen. He even showed the children how to launch marshmallows from a vacuum cleaner.  Dr Graham’s show was not only educational, but highly entertaining as well.

At the City Hall the learners had a chance to take part in various hands-on experiments involving magnets, balloon jets, bubbles ... etc. The StarLab is an inflatable planetarium geared towards the introduction of the basic principles of astronomy and is a fun way for children to learn about the subject. 

Many thanks to Mrs Painter and Mrs Bush for all the planning and organising you did and Mrs Morgan and Miss Wessels for helping to keep a watchful eye over the learners!


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