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5th August 2013

The dogs where let out by Lloyd Bristow and his world class show ‘The Incredible Dog Show’!  Lloyd and 5 of his amazing dogs visited Yellowwoods on Monday the 5th of August.  The children all cheered and laughed as Lloyd showed us what his talented dogs are able to do.  He showed us that with hard work and focus he is able to train his dogs with love and understanding, no shouting or punishment.  Lloyd’s message of responsible dog ownership really made an impression on the kids and teachers alike. Anyone can see that this man has a great affection for all dogs.    The children had so much fun being part of a ‘human dog tunnel’.  Play, a beautiful border collie, is the star at the centre of the successful Guinness Book of Records attempt at forming the longest human dog tunnel.

To say that we are impressed is a complete understatement!  We were enthralled and enchanted by these incredible dogs!  Lloyd we thank you for your inspirational speech and for sharing your dogs with us.   

We hope you travel safe. 

Who let the dogs out?  Lloyd Bristow did!!


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who let the dogs out?!

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